Data Forensic Investigation

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Fighting Cybercrime With Forensic Data Analysis

We all make use of information technology, using it to surf the internet and shop online. Often, when a cybercrime is committed, the victim doesn't know how it happened or what to do. Data Forensic Investigation is here to help.

Our skilled staff provides forensic investigation services to resolve cybercrimes. The focus of our company is providing forensic data analysis to identify criminals, assist law enforcement personnel, and help private individuals. We research digital providers, including those for:

• Television Services
• Radio Services
• Movie Services
• Music Services
• Book Services
• Magazine Services
• Game Services
• School Services
• Internet Services
• Newspaper Services

Fact Finding – Truth Based On Evidence & Exhibits

If you have an emergency matter, please contact 911, and make a report to your local law enforcement authority. If you have already filed a police report, and you're looking for another opinion, give us a call. We'll ask you to submit a copy of all your evidence and potential exhibits for a forensic investigation. All evidence is subjected to forensic data analysis, as well as forensic data comparison. This produces the truth based on the facts contained in the data and the information in the content. We will examine:

• Videos
• Movies
• Television Shows
• Books
• Magazines
• Recorded Conversations
• Communications Device Records

Machine-to-Machine Transportation of Application

Machine-to-machine applications allow computers and even home appliances to network and communicate with each other. This forms the basis of many cybercrimes.

A machine contains information, and each piece of data stored on the machine has a title addressing the subject matter in comprehensive terms. One machine transfers an application to another machine with the intent of stealing information and committing a crime. Data Forensic Investigations can conduct a scientific analysis of the machine, the applications on the machine, and evidence information was transferred elsewhere for criminal purposes.

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