Data Forensic Investigation

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Investigations Services for Digital Crime & Intellectual Property Crime

Please contact Data Forensic Investigations for a free consultation. We will need copies of the data you would like to investigate, the context of your situation, and the reasons why you think a crime has been committed. We would also like to know where the data came from.

Network Association Research & Review

Network association research and review investigates the operations and functions of any particular network. The contents and allegories are researched and reviewed in the presence of the client. We determine the involvement of the client regarding any subject matter that may be considered criminal behavior.

Information Technology Research & Review

Information technology research and review analyzes devices used in a crime and potential product liability. Intelligent systems used by criminals, such as software programs and hardware platforms, may host third party proprietorships and connect to unwanted external networks. We analyze intrusions for the purpose of a crime analysis.

Digital Media Review & Research

Digital media review and research involve intellectual property confirmation. We investigate cases involving copyright infringement, patent violation, unauthorized use of trademarks, and exposure of trade secrets. Some or all of these crimes may coexist for the purpose of criminal activity. We link components of crime together in order to demonstrate probability and report our findings.

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