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Forensic Investigation Services Focusing On Digital Crimes

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Locate a perpetrator of cybercrime, and get the hard evidence to support your case. Contact Data Forensic Investigation for cold case reviews and forensic research services to prosecute cases of internet crime. Court testimony is provided in select cases. Our services are perfect for getting a second opinion when a law has been broken and damage caused. Call us if you're a victim and would like further investigation of a crime.

Fact Finding
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Data crimes are more and more frequent. Come to us for a forensic data investigation by an information technology specialist. We review all your details. The subject matter and the information presented is completely confidential. It's only passed to law enforcement personnel with your consent, and it's not shared with online solicitors or any other parties. You'll love our friendly staff, fast service, and the peace of mind we offer.

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About Us

Located in Washington, DC, Data Forensic Investigation offers research services to law enforcement personnel and the general public. We provide individuals victimized by data crimes with a way to find answers. Our staff researches all evidence related to a crime and reviews the exhibits from law enforcement. We give you a second opinion and a better understanding of the crime.

Our team gathers evidence and creates a profile based on our forensic data investigation. We provide a trajectory line that details how events started, how data traveled, and how that became a crime. It's never too late to solve a case. There are statutes of limitations in certain cases, but there are particular cases that have no limits on prosecution. Cold case investigations provide closure, even when staying true to legalities. Most cold case options are strictly for law enforcement, but in some cases, we can help private individuals.

Data Forensic Investigation has been solving crimes for more than five years. We offer our services nationwide. Our founder worked as an intern with local law enforcement personnel in the criminal investigation division, the criminal investigation judiciary, and the organized crime division. After completing these internships, he became very interested in how the courts were admitting the fast-flowing scientific evidence presented to prosecute data crimes. He started this business to make forensic research and investigation available to the public. Call us to review court evidence from a data crime perspective.


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